Program Mission

The Strength and Conditioning program at Castleton promotes and fosters an atmosphere that is conducive to the intellectual, personal and physical development of each student-athlete in a manner that contributes to their total educational experience. Through comprehensive, principle and scientifically based program design and application, we focus our training efforts on helping each student-athlete reach their maximum genetic potential. This mission is undertaken in an effort to minimize athletic related injuries while enhancing athletic performance.

Our strength and conditioning program supports the mission and goals of Castleton University, the NCAA, the Little East Conference, the North Atlantic Conference, the New England Hockey Conference and the Eastern Collegiate Football Conference.


Program Objective

A successful program focuses on accomplishing specific objectives. At Castleton we leave development of sport skills to the sport coaching staff. Our strength and conditioning objective is to develop our student-athletes to their maximum physical and mental potential. Our strength training programs target all muscle groups with none over or under-emphasized. Our conditioning program involves the development of all metabolic energy systems; aerobic and anaerobic. Agility, balance, coordination, speed and power development are integral components in our daily protocols. The rationale for our objective is, rather than develop sport skills, we develop the abilities and mental toughness necessary for our players to perform their skills with an increased capacity for strength, power, speed, endurance, and most importantly, to do so with less incidence of injury.