Castleton University Athletic Department
Spartan Athletic Complex
190 University Drive
Castleton, Vt., 05735


Thomas Blake
Director of Athletic Communications
Primary Contact For: Football, Volleyball, Men's Golf, Men's and Women's Basketball, Wrestling, Alpine Skiing, Men's & Women's Lacrosse
Phone: (802) 468-6172

Kyle Lancto
Athletic Communications Graduate Assistant
Primary Contact For: Men's and Women's Soccer, Women's Rugby, Men's Ice Hockey, Men's and Women's Track & Field, Softball
Phone: (802) 468-6414

Henry Golden                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
Athletic Communications Graduate Assistant
Primary Contact For: Field Hockey, Men's and Women's Tennis, Men's and Women's Cross Country, Women's Ice Hockey, Nordic Skiing, Baseball
Phone: (802) 468-6414

Media Credential & Photo Policies

Media Credentials are available to all personnel of accredited media outlets by contacting the athletic communications office. The credential allows for access to press areas, including the sideline and press box or press row. The bearer of this pass is admitted in a working capacity only and is subject to rules and policies of Castleton University, the NCAA, the LEC, ECFC, NEC and NEHC. These policies cover photography, as well as writing, and the bearer agrees to the policies set forth in this credential upon admittance to the event. Among those policies is the acceptable use policy for photography.

Any photos taken at a Castleton Athletics Event are to be strictly used for print or electronic media usage only. Selling of these photos, unless previously agreed to by the Castleton Athletic Communications Department, is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. The credential is not to be sold and is not transferable. Any unauthorized use of this credential subjects the holder to ejection and further consequences. The Castleton Athletic Communications Department reserves the right to revoke this credential at any time deemed necessary. To apply for a press credential, please contact the Athletic Communications Office at (802) 468-6172. 

Interview Policy

Members of the media who wish to interview Castleton players, coaches or support staff must contact the office of athletic communications, regardless of whether they have a preexisting relationship with the interviewee. A member of the office will set up the interview in a manner that is convenient for all parties. Postgame interviews will be conducted on the field, court or near the ice at the discretion of the athletic communications staff.


Athletic Communications Downloads

Football Word .FRO  
Men's Soccer Word .SRO  
Women's Soccer Word .SRO  
Field Hockey Word .SRO  
Volleyball Word .VRO  
Women's Tennis Word .XTR  
Men's Ice Hockey Word .HRO  
Women's Ice Hockey Word .HRO  
Men's Basketball Word .BRO  
Women's Basketball Word .BRO  
Baseball Word .TRO / .TRX  
Softball Word .TRO / .TRX  
Men's Lacrosse Word .CRO  
Women's Lacrosse Word .CRO  
Men's Tennis   .XTR